Division One Men's Basketball

(First player listed is Player of the Year)


First Team:  Alonzo Verge, Moberly; Eric Lovett, MSU-West Plains; Sean Miller-Moore, Moberly; Sardaar Calhoun, MSU-West Plains; David Kachelries, Mineral Area; Caleb Coleman, State Fair; Tahj Small, Moberly; Tallon Fonda, Three Rivers; Damaria Franklin, State Fair; Yahuza Rasas, Mineral Area.  Second Team:  Steve Wooten, Mineral Area; Abiodun Ayetimiyi, Three Rivers; Dru Smith, State Fair; Dravon Clayborn, MSU-West Plains; Burone Edwards, MSU-West Plains; LJ Bryan, State Fair; Will Rucker, Moberly.  Coach of the Year:  Pat Smith, Moberly Area CC

2018 First Team: Ricky Torres (SO), MSU-West Plains; Alonzo Verge, Jr. (FR), Moberly Area CC; Andre Walker (SO), State Fair CC; Randy Miller, Jr. (SO), Moberly Area CC; Billy Thomas (FR), Moberly Area CC; Radshad Davis (SO), MSU-West Plains; Yannis Mendy (SO), MSU-West Plains; Tyreek Scott-Grayson (FR), State Fair CC; Aidan Saunders (SO), Three Rivers College; Bobby Parker (SO), Mineral Area College. Second Team: Roman Young (SO), Mineral Area College; Jamie Ahale (FR), Mineral Area College; Lance Singh (FR), Mineral Area College; JaQualis Matlock (SO) Moberly Area CC; Zach Cameron (SO), Mineral Area College; Tyree White (SO), Moberly Area CC; Jeffery Porter (SO), Three Rivers College.  Coach of the Year: Chris Popp, MSU-West Plains.
2017 First Team: Zac Cuthbertson (SO), Mineral Area College; Brandon Better (SO), Moberly Area CC; Camron Reedus (SO), Three Rivers College; Shawn Roundtree (SO), Mineral Area College; Leonard Harper-Baker (SO), Moberly Area CC; Devin Thomas (SO), Mineral Area College; Delfincko Bogan (SO), Moberly Area CC; Amir Smith (SO), State Fair CC; Lamar Morgan (SO), Mineral Area College; Gabe Grant (SO), Three Rivers College. Honorable Mention: Aiden Saunders (FR), Three Rivers College; Mar'qywell Jackson (SO), Moberly Area CC; Onteral Woodson, Jr. (FR), State Fair CC; Corey Mendez (SO), State Fair CC; Terrance Parker (SO), Three Rivers College; Jabari Antwine (SO), Moberly Area CC; Demarco Owens (SO), Moberly Area CC; Darius Thompson (SO), Mineral Area College.
2016 First Team:  Ronnie Rousseau III (SO), State Fair CC; Gabe Grant (FR), Three Rivers College; Montell Goodwin (SO), Mineral Area College; Justas Furmanavicious (SO), Three Rivers College; Daniel Norl (SO), Mineral Area College; Camron Reedus (FR), Three Rivers College; Rashad Lindsey (SO), Moberly Area CC; Ngor Barnaba (SO), Missouri State University-West Plains; Clint Robinson (SO), State Fair CC; Jameereo Spain (SO), Three Rivers College. Second Team - Willie Jimerson Jr. (FR), State Fair CC; Yashua Trent (SO), Mineral Area College; Daniel Dzierzawski (SO), Moberly Area CC; Jearvon Irvin (FR), Missouri State University-West Plains; Devonte Campbell (FR), Missouri State University-West Plains; Terrel Martin-Garcia (SO), Missouri State University-West Plains.
2015 First Team: Anthony Virdure - Mineral Area; Justas Furmanavicious - Three Rivers; Jameel Moore - Missouri State University-West Plains; Torry Butler - Three Rivers; Rashad Lindsey - Moberly; Greg Tucker - Mineral Area; Craig Eubanks - Missouri State University-West Plains; Travon Williams - Moberly; Randy Holmes - Mineral Area; Terrel Martin-Garcia - Missouri State University-West Plains. Second Team: Donta Jones - Moberly; Josh Bailey - State Fair; Dazhonetae Bennett - Missouri State University-West Plains; Jemeereo Spain - Three Rivers; Jamal McDowell - Mineral Area.
2014 Kevin Punter - State Fair; Joe Thomasson - State Fair, Jaysean Paige - Moberly; Devaugntah Williams - Missouri State University-West Plains; Evan Singletary - Moberly; Anthony Virdure - Mineral Area; Kedar Edwards - State Fair; Justin Jamison - Missouri State University-West Plains; Malcolm Hamilton - Moberly; Arroyo Edwards - Missouri State University-West Plains  
2013 Jay Raulston - Mineral Area; Kenny Chery - State Fair; Mike Anderson - Moberly; Devaugntah Williams - Missouri State University-West Plains; Joe Thomasson - State Fair; Ibrahim Djambo - Three Rivers; Keaton Jackson - Missouri State University-West Plains; Brennen Hughes - Moberly; Trent Washington - Moberly; Shaq Boga - Mineral Area.
2012 Kenny Williams - Moberly; Tarius Johnson - Three Rivers; Gage Wooten - Missouri State University-West Plains; Daylen Robinson - Moberly; Jerome Davis - Mineral Area; Rudy Harrell - Three Rivers; Alfonzo Houston - State Fair; Kenny Chery - State Fair; Darian Hooker - Mineral Area; Nathane Simniok - Missouri State University-West Plains; Ibrahim Djambo - Three Rivers.
2011 Lonnie Hayes - Missouri State University-West Plains; Daylen Robinson - Moberly; Quinton Pippen - Missouri State University-West Plains; Travis Wilkins - Missouri State University-West Plains; Torres Roundtree - State Fair; Matt Webb - State Fair; Demetrius Harris - Mineral Area; Tarius Johnson - Three Rivers; Dominique Newton - State Fair; Teddy Simniok - Missouri State University-West Plains.
2010 Karron Johnson - Moberly; Marquise Carter - Three Rivers; Justyn Watkins - State Fair; Antwaun Boyd - Moberly; Carlton Guyton - Mineral Area; Aloysius Henry - Three Rivers; Gage Wooten - Missouri State University-West Plains; Nick Niemczyk - Three Rivers; Clifton Fleming - State Fair; Jerret Towns - Moberly
2009 Marquise Carter - Three Rivers; Jeremy Marrs - Three Rivers; Gerald Fulton - Mineral Area; Dijon Smith - State Fair; Ken Bingham - Three Rivers; Jeremy Felton - Mineral Area; Sam Pearson - Moberly; Devon Peltier - Missouri State University-West Plains; Anthony Allison - Missouri State University-West Plains; Mike Stovall - Mineral Area
2008 Bryan Sherrer - Three Rivers; Artem Valov - Three Rivers; Sanijay Watts - State Fair; Morris Smith - Missouri State University-West Plains; Paul Carter - Missouri State University-West Plains; Jerwin Calloway - Mineral Area; Chad Thompson - Moberly; Chris Allen - Moberly; Marcus Scott - Mineral Area; Nnamdi Nnadili - State Fair
2007 Mantas Griskenas - Three Rivers; Willie Hassell - Mineral Area; Mikey DeWalt - Moberly; Ricky Claitt - Mineral Area; Johnnie McLawhorn - Missouri State University-West Plains; Artem Valov - Three Rivers; Michael Lance - Three Rivers; Chris Allen - Moberly; John Fowler - Mineral Area; Chris Noddle - State Fair
2006 Tyrone Brazelton - Missouri State University-West Plains; Dominitrix Johnson - Three Rivers; Tony Webb - Mineral Area; B. J. Benning - Moberly; T. J. Britton - Mineral Area; Abayomi Ajasin - Three Rivers; Willie Hassell - Mineral Area; Jermaine Dailey - Three Rivers; Darryl Butterfield - Mineral Area; Curtis Muse - Mineral Area
2005 Eddie Smith - Moberly; Marty Wise - Moberly; Maurice Gibbs - Moberly; Andrais Thornton - SMS-West Plains; C. J. Hadley - Three Rivers; Ryan Byrne - Mineral Area; Dominitrix Johnson - Three Rivers; Brock Perkins - State Fair; Keith Hardaway - Moberly; Tyrone Brazelton - SMS-West Plains
2004 Terrell Everett - SMSU-West Plains; Lorenzo Gordon - Mineral Area; Eddie Smith - Moberly; Matt Gibson - Three Rivers; Marcus Ardison - State Fair; Travis Parker - SMSU-West Plains; Maurice Gibbs - Moberly; Dereke Tipler - Three Rivers; Marty Wise - Moberly; David Bryant - Mineral Area 
2003 Joel Shelton - Mineral Area; William Durden - Three Rivers; Zione White - SMSU-West Plains; Dereke Tipler - Three Rivers; Dwayne Brown - Moberly; Norman Prather - Mineral Area; Marqus Mitchell - State Fair; James Profit - Three Rivers; Mamadou Diakite - State Fair; Delton Utsey - Moberly
2002 Nate Johnson - Moberly; Tevoris Thompson - SMSU-West Plains; (Co-Players of the Year); Bryan Turner - Mineral Area; Derrick Wiley - Moberly; Brian Rhodes - Mineral Area; Corey Gipson - Three Rivers; Bobby Ewing - Moberly; Yahaya Ibrahim - Three Rivers; Marqus Mitchell - State Fair; Maxie Stamps - Three Rivers
2001 Jason Detrick - SMSU-West Plains; Stalin Ortiz - Three Rivers; Qyntel Woods - Moberly; Petie Spaulding - Moberly; Baboucarr Bojang - SMSU-West Plains; Nick Benson - Moberly; Terrance Saulsberry - Moberly; Thomas Aladi - Three Rivers; Dhaamin Hill - State Fair; Jelani Walker - Mineral Area
2000 Mike Wallace - SMSU-West Plains; Brian Foster - Three Rivers; Lemi Williams - Mineral Area; Robert Yanders - SMSU-West Plains; Nick Benson - Moberly; Petie Spaulding - Moberly; Stalin Oritz - Three Rivers; Tadeu Souza - Mineral Area; Travarus Bennett - SMSU-West Plains; D.J. Walker - State Fair
1999 Antonio Short - Moberly; Robert Yanders - SMSU-West Plains; Reggie Alexander - Moberly; Kenkay Jones - SMSU-West Plains; Amory Sanders - Three Rivers; Arlando McHenry - Three Rivers; Dhaamin Hill - State Fair; D.J. Walker - State Fair; Shawn Massa - East Central; Nathan Riney - Mineral Area
1998 C.J. Pepper - Moberly; Theopolis Price - Mineral Area; Terrance Herbert - East Central; Jerrick Kellum - Three Rivers; Allen Phillips - SMSU-West Plains; Eric Judd - SMSU-West Plains; Brian Bourbon - Mineral Area; Reggie Alexander - Moberly; Larry Fisher - Three Rivers; Kardell Sims - State Fair
1997 Chris Rollins - SMSU-West Plains; Jerome Jackson - SMSU-West Plains; C.J. Pepper - Moberly; Corie Brandon - Mineral Area; Butch Tshomba - Mineral Area; Antonio Sykes - Three Rivers; Cory Johnson - Three Rivers; Steve Bowie - Moberly; Donnie Johnson - State Fair; Demetrius Watson - Mineral Area
1996 Courtney Hargrays - Mineral Area; Brock Littles - Three Rivers; Antonio Rivers - East Central; Larry Gause - State Fair; Anthony Perry - SMSU-West Plains; Stacy Nolen - Mineral Area; Ivory Austin - State Fair; John Owens - Mineral Area; Dominic Okon - Three Rivers; Jerome Murray - Moberly
1995 Sunday Adebayo - Three Rivers; Chuck Johnson - State Fair; Shawn Harrington - Mineral Area; Eric Porter - East Central; Sean Pryor - Mineral Area; Jason Justus - Mineral Area; Chad Allen - Three Rivers; Mark Kiehne - Three Rivers; Randy Mills - Moberly; David Augustine - SMSU-West Plains
1994 Tony Long - Mineral Area; Kenya Capers - Moberly; Anthony Radebush - Three Rivers; Mike Hart - East Central; Willie Walker - Three Rivers; Ben Avery - SMSU-West Plains; Tony Brown - Forest Park; Chuck Johnson - State Fair; Tony Jones - East Central; James Jones - Three Rivers
1993 Belvis Noland - Three Rivers; Kenya Capers - Moberly; Tyrone Davis - State Fair; Iric Farmer - East Central; Kyle Hardin - Forest Park; Toraino Hellums - Forest Park; Jason Irvin - State Fair; Brian Price - Three Rivers; Yaki Saunders - Mineral Area; Corey Tate - Mineral Area; Justin Wimmer - Three Rivers
1992 Shon Peck-Love - Three Rivers; Rodney Smith - Moberly; Roy McCrary - Moberly; Anthony Beane - Three Rivers; Dirk Price - State Fair; Chris Henry - East Central; Paul Brown - Forest Park; Myron Gordon - Mineral Area; John Hornaday - Forest Park; Todd Weaver - East Central
1991 Aaron Collier - State Fair; Vincent Jackson - Moberly; Shon Peck-Love - Three Rivers; DeMarco McCullough - Forest Park; Keith Ferguson - Three Rivers; Howard Eaton - Three Rivers; Cory Oliver - Mineral Area; Robert Wallace - Moberly; Ron Joiner - Forest Park; Patrick White - State Fair
1990 Latrell Sprewell - Three Rivers; Albert Thomas - Moberly; Bryan Silver - East Central; Brian Long - Mineral Area; Jerome Chambers - State Fair; Kenny Simpson - Moberly; Cory Oliver - Mineral Area; Keith Ferguson - Three Rivers; Aaron Collier - State Fair; Eric Schweain - Three Rivers
1989 Dan Dohogne - East Central; Greg Coble - Three Rivers; Jeff Wires - Moberly; Fleming Brewer - Mineral Area; Kevin Kearney - State Fair; Jason Mitchell - Forest Park; Albert Thomas - Moberly; Sean Buchanan - Forest Park; Latrell Sprewell - Three Rivers; Lawrence Bradford - East Central
1988 Fred Johnson - Three Rivers; Marvin Fight - Moberly; Fleming Brewer - Mineral Area; Chris McDonald - East Central; Jay Graves - Moberly; Derrick Williams - State Fair; Dwayne Polk - Jefferson; Lonnie Boga - Jefferson; Steve Lee - East Central; Darren Garrison - Three Rivers
1987 Jeff Ford - Three Rivers; Eric Berger - Moberly; Lorenzo Doyle - Mineral Area; Ray Pugh - Three Rivers; David Knight - Moberly; Maurice Harper - Trenton; Fred Towns - East Central; Marc Baltimore - East Central; Jeff Markray - State Fair; Earl Parker - Jefferson; Torrence Chapman - Mineral Area
1986 Mitch Richmond - Moberly; Charles Bledsoe - Moberly; Clay Holt - Three Rivers; William Scott - State Fair; Torrance Chapmon - Mineral Area; Tony Hoke - Forest Park; Dwight McGlothin - Trenton; Jeff Hammel - Meramec; Mike Ingram - Moberly; Leon Cromwell - Florissant Valley.
1985 Glen Sanders - Jefferson; Bernard Day - Moberly; Mike Milling - Moberly; William Scott - State Fair; James Gilbert - Jefferson; Tracy Lewis - East Central; Charles Bledsoe - Moberly; Lance Williams - Penn Valley; Tom Trice - Trenton; Phil Coppage - East Central.
1984 Joe Wright - State Fair; Tony Dye - East Central; Eugene Deal - Jefferson; Kim Kooksey - Crowder; Bernard Day - Moberly; Chris Ward - Three Rivers; Chuck Glass - Three Rivers; Mike Milling - Moberly; Marvin Townsend - State Fair; Glen Sanders - Jefferson.
1983 Malcolm Thomas - Moberly; Tom Bildner - East Central; Jeff Strong - Moberly; Carvin Norman - Three Rivers; Rich Foster - Jefferson; Michael Weathers - State Fair; Chuck Glass - Three Rivers; Fred Campbell - Crowder; Roger Boldridge - Penn Valley; Scott Riley - Mineral Area
1982 Donnie McClinton - Three Rivers; Gerald Wilkins - Moberly; Booker Johnson - Three Rivers; Malcolm Thomas - Moberly; Ira Foster - State Fair; Neal Robertson - Crowder; Harry Ballard - East Central; Billy Robinson - Mineral Area; Lamont Lampkin - Mineral Area; Robert Brannon - Crowder
1981 Terry Mead - Three Rivers; Terry Smith - Moberly; Lenard Johnson - Jefferson; Alvin Robertson - Crowder; Dan Sawyer - State Fair; Steve Ball - East Central; Alroy Becquette - Mineral Area; Tony Wallace- Three Rivers; Joe Washington - Jefferson; Pete McNeal - Moberly
1980 Moon McCrary - Three Rivers; Randy Reed - Forest Park; Robert McField - Jefferson; Clyde Harvey - Penn Valley; Ricky Caver - Trenton; Tyrone Crawford - Moberly; Russ Schoene - Mineral Area; Bruce Robbins - Crowder; Steve Ball - East Central; Henry Riedel - Hannibal-LaGrange

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